Traveler Profile: Steve McGrath

Every so often in your travels, you come across one of those travelers that just knocks your socks off.  They’ve been to the most obscure places in the world and have typically done it the hard way–by boat or overland.  Their stories are jaw-dropping and inspirational and leave you thirsty for more.  Steve is that traveler.  We met Steve McGrath while preparing for our wedding in Sayulita and were fortunate to spend several weeks with him (and another traveler Cat, who will hopefully be featured here soon too.)  Over some fresh fruit-smoothies in Steve’s “penthouse-by-the sea,” he humbly had us reeling for more when he said the following things:  “I’ve traveled for 11 of the last 20 years” and “I went from Vancouver to Hong Kong starting with $900.”  That’s $900 Canadian, folks…about $600 buck-a-roos at the time! 

Steve McGrath

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Traveler Profile: Richard Gordon

This is an interview with Richard Gordon in El Nido, Philippines that took place at The Alternative Hotel.  Richard is a well-seasoned traveler and has good bits to share.

Richard Gordon in his finest Traveler Chic

Name:  Richard Gordon

Nationality:  British

Sign:  Scorpio

Sex:  Male

Single/Married:  Single

Where are you now?

El Nido, Philippines

Where are you off to next?


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