Preparation W (orld)

I’m getting real close to departure and the freak-out, anxiety, and craziness is beginning to set in. I’m leaving SF in 11 days for Sedona to hang with family over the Thanksgiving break. Erin’s family and mine (mom’s side) will meet for the first time. Before you ask, I’m not nervous. I return from Sedona on November 27th and have 3 days to pack my entire house and get ready for the move to storage on the 30th. I leave SF for Philly on the 1st of December. Here’s what I’ve done and what I need to do before departure on the 6th of January.

What’s Been Done

  1. Rented out my house and made sure the tenant’s were capable of depositing money directly into my account on the 1st of every month
  2. Forwarded my mail for business and personal to my mom
  3. Made my business completely remote (i’m working in a coffee shop right now, which has it’s up and downs – the most recent: I’m all hopped up on 3 cups of coffee coffee coffee and I feel like my brain is going to crawl out my ear and my heart is going to crawl out of my mouth and the two are going to meet on top of my head, fall in love, and do a little jig to celebrate! )
  4. Slowly but surely eliminating all junk mail (a frighteningly hellish process. I’ve done it manually but I would recommend checking out and have all bills sent via email with PayTrust or direct.

Still Need to Do

  1. Return my car to Dealership (lease)
  2. Cancel all utilities
  3. Move everything into storage
  4. Cancel Car Insurance
  5. Make copies of all personal documents and give to mom in case of emergency
  6. Change phone plan
  7. Change phone greetings
  8. Forward all mail
  9. Scan all business documents onto flash drive to bring on trip
  10. Inventory belongings being left at house for tenants use (they graciously agreed to take care of my plants!)
  11. Video-Record house before tenants move in and jot down any current damage
  12. Tax Preparation for 2007
  13. Buy/Make remaining Christmas gifts
  14. Change flight from Philly to LAX from the 3rd of January to the 6th of January
  15. To Be Continued…

The Pack List

Going for the ultra-light, quick-drying, I’m-going-to-stink-and-I-don’t-care method. It seems like a long list and by all means, it’s been one helluva work in progress, but it will all fit with ease into the first item listed. Here’s the pack list broken down into categories: