Kneading Thailand

A rainbow of tropical fruits, decoratively sliced with a scalloped-edge knife, gleam from their bed of ice. Road side carts all specialize in their famous Thai cuisine, be it skewered chicken satay, sweet banana rotee or salty fish cakes. Tuk tuk taxis zip tourists through street meat smoke clouds toward glowing, golden temples and outdoor clothing markets.

A fun-loving local dresses Jason from items in his store!

Buddha statues, constantly fed and maintained, live in almost every building and home’s entrance, welcoming all gusts with a scent of incense.  In this kaleidoscope of Chiang Mai life, it can be difficult to choose what to do next, but one tradition can not be missed. It is advertised on signs hung on every block, in all corners of the city. Thai massage reins. Continue reading “Kneading Thailand”