How To Sail Around the World and Live to Tell About It

Coast Guard Couple, Greg and Tiffany Norte

We met Greg and Tiffany Norte while on a liveaboard scuba diving boat in the Great Barrier Reef.  Between the 10 dives, overeating the surprisingly good buffet food, reminiscing about the greatest the USA has to offer, and getting my butt kicked at euchre (a rare occasion, just ask the Schneider’s!) so badly I had to jump off the boat naked, we delved deep into the “Coast Guard Couples” interesting lifestyle choice – as the title suggests – sailing around the world and sharing the skinny on how to do it yourself.  Heck, they’ve been doing it for two years straight and have 16 years of sailing experience between them!  So when it comes from them, you know you’re getting expert advice.  Fortunately, you don’t need to fly to Australia to meet them and pick their brain.  They’re giving out the deets here for free and have an absolutely infinite amount of quality how-to’s on their website, along with other great antidotes from the rarely seen South Pacific, at  So slip off your flip flops, crack into a Pacifico, and climb on board while Greg and Tiffany show us how to travel the world for free.  Oh, that sounds so nice, I need to write it again.  FOR FREE. Continue reading “How To Sail Around the World and Live to Tell About It”