Bakso: The ‘New’ Pho

Move over Pho, you’ve got some competition. Its name is Bakso. I’d certainly never heard of it in foodie mecca of San Francisco prior to arriving in Bali, but now it’s become a daily obsession. It’s good, healthy soup, and considering it’s between 7-10,000 rupiah ($0.80-$1.15) per bowl, it’s also healthy for the wallet. To glass and rice noodles, they add a light beef broth, fresh herbs, bean sprouts, chopped cabbage, crispy fried onion, smashed peanuts, 6-8 small beef meatballs, and 1 large beef meatball with a surprise in the middle: a chicken or quail egg. You can add chili to taste, or go local and use a sweet ketchup. Usually served with banana leaf-packed rice as well as whole peanuts. Yelp Indonesian food now and try for yourself. Ini Ana Sangali!