Mt. Rinjani- Lombok, Indonesia

Nightfall was upon us. The Milky Way, Big Dipper and Southern Cross all twinkled brightly above, due to our special location in the universe. Hundreds of tiny yellow lights snaked up the pitch black ridge of Mt Rinjani. Some were attached to headlamps, others were hand-held flashlights and still others were cell phones of those backpackers who had forgotten this necessity.

It was 2:45 am and I tagged closely behind the hiker ahead of me, mostly so my sleepy eyes could remain only half alert but also so I could plant my filthy shoes in their footprints to make trekking in the loose gravel easier. “Elephants on parade, here they come, dun dun dun, pink elephants on parade.” I kept humming, picturing the cartoon elephants marching to the tune in Dumbo. My mind and body were exhausted making the moment seem as surreal and trippy as this part of the movie.

Mt. Rinjani is summitted on the 3rd and final day of the intense trek, but each day has its own challenge, rewarding sore participants with different scenes from nature’s perfectly painted canvas. Viewing the magnificent active volcano, which sometimes spews lava into the crater lake, is the treat after day one’s 6 hour hike through two varied terrains: tropical rainforest and grassy mountain trails. Continue reading “Mt. Rinjani- Lombok, Indonesia”