NZ recap and photos posted

I just posted a New Zealand slide show update under the “photos” tab so check that out if you are interested.

 This will be my last full day in New Zealand, so we will head back up to see Katha and Daniel and celebrate Kiwi style with their friend Amanda for her birthday.

 New Zealand has been amazing, from the bustling city of Wellington, located on hills overlooking the ocean to the quaint town of Napier, known for its world-famous wineries. In what other country can you drive just 1 hour and go from exploring caves to cheering at an A1 race car event with Paris Hilton?! (Check out A1 in Lake Taupo at the link:

 As of tomorrow I will be off to the Land of Oz and will update you soon!

Below: A view from the 6 hour hike called Tongariro Crossing.