Hong Kong Highlights

My whirlwind tour of Hong Kong was completed this morning, as I stepped onto the plane for Thailand.

Seeing an old high school friend, Adam Gawel, was a highlight, especially since he speaks some Mandarin (or was it Cantonese?!) and gave me some tips on where to go/ what to do. After blowing out our voices at a serious karaoke session (which is a very common activity in Asia) we just took it easy for the following days. This meant famous Hong Kong foot massages from a local spa and visiting a little jazz club.


Above: Karaoke is a big event in Asia. We had the V.I.P. suite with couches, food and drinks serves as lyrics flashed across 3 large flat screen tv’s. 


Above: Famous late-night foot massages are a normality in Hong Kong.

Besides a “routine check” where our car got pulled over, everything went smoothly in Hong Kong. Ever since entering Asia, the police have seemed to be very conscience of our presence and always need to see our passports. Hmm…do I look that shady?

Dim sum, (dumplings and other steamed Chinese food) and the local version of french toast (with peanut butter inside) were 2 excellent choices for late night eating. It seems no one sleeps before 2am in Hong Kong, as the restaurants were still full at midnight. And speaking of delicacies, I tried something I never would have imagined tasting- duck tongue! That took some mighty courage and it was strange because it had a bone in it just like a piece of meat. I must have been on a roll because a few minutes later, I was chasing down my 1st cuisine with a jellyfish egg roll. YIKES! I had a bit of a consistency issue with the duck tongue- but like they always say, “It just tastes like chicken!”


Above: Duck tongue was not my favorite food in Hong Kong. Can you tell from the photo?

A few days later, I went to have a new dessert that I will post on my blog soon. They were mango pancakes and were spectacular. Thanks to my new Hong Kong friend Chi for introducing them to me!


Above: Chi was a great tour guide, even if the tours did last til 4 am most times!

As far as sight seeing went, I saw the largest Buddha statue in the world, which is situtated on an island off Hong Kong’s coast. After boarding the sky tram (like a ski lift) I was informed that the device had malfunctioned, hurling one of the carts down the mountain about a month ago. Great. Safe. But I am alive…guess my cart didn’t have any rusty hinges, which was the verdict for the incident a month ago.