My Three 26th Birthdays

In keeping with the party-animal family tradition, we celebrated my birthday 3 days in a row this year.  First, we had a dinner at the Holtom’s in Brisbane where we formed funny balloon figures and set off fireworks.

 Then Holly, Phil, Jason and I went to a casino/ bar the next night down town and stayed out late, ringing in my actually OZ birthday.

The next day was the 9th here in AU but the 8th in the USA so Jason and I went to dinner in Noosa, where we celebrated one last time. It was great to go out to a nice meal and wine like the good old days! Pics are below!


Above: The boys bring my 3 cakes out, adorned with sparklers!

img_1023.jpg  img_1024.jpg

Above: My new Aussie parents: Shelley and Peter


Above: Simon brings Benjamin to the party


Above: Balloon animals and creations on Holly and I