Jordan’s national dish is Mansaf. This recipe was taken from the October 2008 issue of Jordan Today magazine



4 kilos of lamb

1 Kilo of Whey


2 Kilos of Egyptian Rice

Pine Nuts and Fried Almonds


1- Whey is washed and soaked in water for an hour, then mashed with the blender moulinex, then dried out.

2- Meat is washed and put in a tray and soaked in water

3- Onion (chopped into squares) is added, then meat is boiled to be rather cooked.

4- Meat is removed and soup is taken.

5- Whey juice is mixed with the soup and left to boil, it can be thickened with cornstarch as wished.

6- Meat is added and it is kept on fire until soup and meat are cooked well.

7- Rice is cooked, and then two or three Arabic loaves are put in the tray.

8- Rice is put on the bread pyramidically, then pieces of meat are arranged on the surface.

9- Mansaf is decorated with the pine nuts and almonds.

10- Mansaf is served with hot whey juice and sprayed on mansaf as wished.

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