Our host from hospitalityclub.org, Yuji, made an outstanding gourmet dinner and told us his secret chicken recipe. The berries in this dish make it a tad sweet. Here is the recipe in his words:


Yuji’s Chicken

Serves 4

-Peel 2 pieces of garlic and cut finely.

-Leave the garlic for 20 minutes in the air, under room temperature.

-Fry the garlic  for 7 minutes on low heat.. The garlic has to be still white.

-Cut the 4 chicken thighs, but don’t remove the skin

-Mix blueberry jam, soy sauce, and sake (6 Tablespoons each). Add 1 tablespoon of  honey. Add all the cut garlic. Set aside as the sauce.

-Fry the chicken surface in a pan with oil, skin side first.

-When the surface is done, turn off flame and let set for 2 minutes, still not thoroughly cooked.

(For the “skin-hater,” remove the skin before chicken cools.)

-Add the prepared sauce and cook on low heat, put on the lid and boil until the sauce get thick.

-Pull the chicken out and wipe a bit with kitchen paper to remove the oil, and serve.

-Pour sauce onto the chicken and serve alone or with rice.


2 thoughts on “Japan

  1. Yuji

    Man! It’s not secret anymore!!

    Just joking, lol I’d be glad if this recipie can contribute to somebody anyhow!

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