A world of voters

I’ll admit, before traveling around the world, I was not a very political person. I understood the basics and knew which way I leaned, but I never got into the (sometimes friendly) banter that excited many during election time. As I traveled I met hundreds of international acquaintances, some of which had been to the USA and some of which had not. Their experience with the USA ran the gauntlet from knowing America as a “reality tv show episode” to attending prestigious universities and living and working in The States for years.  Often finding I was one of the only Americans to speak up for my nation, answer questions, and defend this beautiful  place I call home, I had to beef up my knowledge of our political system. I needed to really decide where I stood on hot international topics such as foreign affairs and the environment and on issues that came up when speaking to others in my generation: mostly health care and education. I felt issues such as taxes and gas prices dwindle in importance to me, seeing how comparatively cheap it really is to live in the USA.  Don’t get me wrong, I see the importance of these, but you sometimes have to choose what you’re very passionate about and that’s what I did. It seemed that the sentiments of many people at home (as seen through social media and lifestyle choices) were completely opposite from those who viewed the USA from the outside, as their country’s ally, a world leader and sometimes an international bully. I’ve always wondered: if the world could vote, what would they say? Then I ran into this survey. Although I wish it were more extensive, I do feel it starts to draw conclusions from around the world, and after hearing common sentiments from foreigners for two years, I was not surprised.

Check it out if you’d like. Have you also found these opinions to be true on your international travels?

See survey here.

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