Update! Nepal Notebook Campaign

Over $2700 has been raised to aid school children in Nepal, donated by our generous friends and family. Thank you! We felt it was time to update you on the progress of our OnlyABuck Project.

As of this moment, the president of Nepal Volunteers Council Keshab Acharya, is applying for a passport in order to receive the funds for the Nepali children from our bank. Due to exorbitant fees from the local bank in Nepal, we elected to open a joint account in the USA to eliminate transaction fees and make sure the students receive what you’ve donated. Keshab has accepted hundreds of scholarship forms and will choose 20 students to receive supplies, uniforms, and a fully funded school year from you!

President Acharya at his desk in Nepal

As promised, if you donated $140 or more to support a student for the year, you will receive a letter and photo from your sponsored child when they receive their items. Thank you for your patience, as we finalize these international transactions.

If you would like to learn more about this project, please visit our Nepal Notebook Campaign site!

View original article on this subject.

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