Update to OnlyABuck: Nepal Notebook Campaign

Education is the Answer in Nepal

A quick update on our OnlyABuck™: Nepal Notebook Campaign.  We’re just over 44% to our goal of $4,200!  This money will enable 30 students in Nepal who have applied for need-based scholarships to attend school for one year.  We are working together with the Nepal Volunteers Council to create a sustainable platform to ensure that those students selected will never miss a day of school again; not this year, not ever.  We are not alone in believing that education is the answer for Nepal as it is the only way to break the cycle that currently exists.

We are holding this campaign near and dear to our heart so to the following people that have donated already, we thank you a million times over:

Michael and Sarah Piazza
Sherry Desbrough
Sharon Mackovjak
Milendra Dhakar
Jenna Dran
Amanda Smith
Teddy Griffin
Sally Blossom
Jason Arasim
Deb Schneider
Nicole Freyer
Noah and Ava Hallberg
Jill Murphy
Uno Nam
Rick Schneider
Akemi Rico
Achim Groene
Julie Thomas
Gary Stout
Quang Lam
Paula Alexis
Paula Cooper
Grant Schmitzer
Melissa Rousseau
Rob van den Brand
Ronald and Maggie Desbrough
Ryan van den Brand
Daniel and Katha Borszik
Orion Home Loans
Tara Desantis
Marc Gravante
Alejandro Gomez
Jim and Sharon Maloney

Again, we can’t thank you enough for your generous donations.  If you you know of anyone else that would be willing to donate to this cause, we would appreciate you sharing our website or link to our donation page, or even spreading the word on Facebook or writing to your local paper.  We are also open to suggestions for enabling this campaign to continue past our original goal and ultimately have the ability to maintain this dream for years to come.  Please contact Erin or I privately if you have any ideas.  Thank you!

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