A Poem for a Birthday

We celebrated Jason’s birthday last week by tubing down a river lined with bars, rope swings, slides and free french fry stands! Who says turning 31 demands maturity?

Before we left, I read him this poem while he feasted on his favorite candy, a Nutrageous, which I was lucky enough to find in Laos!

Jason requested I share his birthday “card” from me, complete with an address and signature referring to some of our favorite foods/ restaurants so far.




To my Sizzling Sisig,
We’re back to exploring for now
With packs of dirty clothes
Our current spot is Laos
Where the  Muddy Mekong flows

We made our way through the Philippines
Manila, Palawan and Boracay
White islands  and cliff scenes
Ma’am-Sir, low pressure and Tanduay

Sailing near Flores was a treat
Watching the stars, all aligned.
You never know who we’ll meet
With our forces combined

Transport’s intriguing with you
Squeeze squeeze, motorbike runs.
Jet, boat, bus where we’re due
Maybe use a van filled with nuns.

From veggie restaurants to meat on a spit
We’ve definitely enjoyed tasting it all
Nasi campur, khoa soi, adobong pusit
On the street, in a cafe, from the mall

Our daily schedules vary greatly
See a wat, a show, take a dip
Massages, bicycles, climbing
Spend a Baht, a Peso, a Kip.

But no matter the place or activity
Rain, shine, skies gray or blue
Speaking “Sabaidee” or “Sawadee”
I’m ecstatic to be with you!

Bebek Bengil

3 thoughts on “A Poem for a Birthday

  1. POP "E"

    So nice of you “Bebek Bengil” (yeah, I’m looking it up next) Love you Nomads. Glad you had some fun and as always, Be Safe.

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