Funny Song from the Philippines

It’s impossible not to comment on the Filipino’s undying love of all things music. Karaoke is the national pastime and you’d be hard-pressed not to pass a kitchen, guestroom window, or front porch without hearing someone unabashedly singing, humming or whistling a tune. Man, woman or child, it’s all the same. They love music.

While enjoying yet another mango shake in our gorgeous beach-front (almost an overstatement as it’s on stilts over the water) pensions’ restaurant bar, this song came on the speakers. While super simple, it brought smiles to our face and we thought you might enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Funny Song from the Philippines

  1. Robert van den Brand

    Cool tune with a wake-up today. Thanks. Doing a little “KETCH “N” UP now on your Blog. Enjoy your dinner and give my Daughter in Law a BIG kiss for me. P.S. Give yourself one to. Love POP”E”

  2. Anonymous

    Jason thanks that was great
    everything you two have written so far is really special
    love gram

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