The Blue Pig takes on Tahoe, CA

Climbing up Mt Rose on the 431 nearly saw the demise of the Blue Pig. She was running hotter than any other time on the trip and we were holding our breath. Through sheer force, determination and the lowest gear possible, she summited the Tahoe mountain and squealed a sigh of relief on the way down to Lake Tahoe.

Finally arriving at the “Welcome to California” sign we stopped to get some photos of the Blue Pig in all her glory only to realize Jason’s wallet was missing. Upon careful consideration, he realized that it had slid through his once-stitched pant pocket as he had jumped over a guardrail for a quick pee on the way UP the mountain. Apologizing to our dear vehicle, we drove her BACK over the summit of the mountain, where the wallet lay shining in the sun. Driving smoothly up and over Mt Rose for the third time really shows that The Blue Pig has more than it takes to get to California!