Day 2: Back to School at UW Madison

We felt as squeaky clean as Wisconsin cheese curds after our much-needed dip in Lake Mendota on UW Madison’s campus.

After an 8 hour day of travel from Ann Arbor, stopping in the windy city for brunch with our friend Katie, and finishing with the 4 hour stretch in 90 degree heat, we snagged a parking spot right in front of the Memorial Union building. This beautiful building has a terrace that stretches along the back, overlooking the lake, where parents treated their children to one last meal before releasing them into the college world. We decided to change into swim suits and running gear and get some exercise on the winding trail along the lake, which lead to a destination called Picnic Point. At the end of this peninsula is a rocky beach and a view of the old stone and brick campus buildings on the other side.

We walked back to the terrace and ate a brat from the grill and homemade ice cream that the agricultural students make, before exploring as if we were freshman. We were reminded of our college days and impressed with everything UW Madison’s campus had to offer. Students sailed and swam in the lake, banged on home-made and household instruments to participate in a drum circle, and assembled for their meet-and-greets since it was the day before school. We were wondering if the freshmen just thought of us as upperclassmen and hoping they didn’t mistake us for parents!

Lastly, we climbed the stairs up to the capital building and overlooked the busy downtown area. To get a head start for the next morning, we then drove 45 minutes west to Blue Mounds State park where we set up camp for the night in beautiful 77 degree weather. After reviewing the day’s activities and discussing how much we loved UW Madison, we decided that if the weather were always this beautiful, we could definitely live there!