Highlights from Chile


Since it’s been awhile, rather than boring you with the day-to-day details of our trip I’m just going to put some of the best pics up with a small bit of info.  If you want some really good insight on our actual trek through Patagonia, check out Erin’s post here.  Basically, the itinerary went something like this.  We started in Santiago at our friend Sara’s place (met her in Italy from friend Chiara) and used that as our launching pad for all adventures.  Sara lives in a really cool part of town called Bellavista, the artsy and local “heart” of Santiago.  Barack Obama (convincingly) won the presidency while we were in Santiago at an event sponsored by Obama Overseas.  Following our victory, we flew down to Patagonia to backpack through Torres del Paine National Park.  The weather was unpredictable but the natural beauty more than made up for weather.com’s shortcomings.  Back to Santiago for some more fun with new friend Jordan who plays trumpet in the Santiago Orchestra including seeing the ballet performance of Sleeping Beauty and a few sushi dinners.  A day trip to nearby Valparaiso and Vina del Mar and the trip was over.  Off to the airport to head to Buenos Aires, Argentina, our final country.  A special thanks goes out to Sara and Alfredo for letting us crash at their place.  Thank you both for your hospitality and for showing us around.  See you soon we hope!


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