India Photos

These photos include shots of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. They will be updated in a week with Goa pics. Click on the link below the photo for the album.


Delhi- In an intro to the chaos of it all, we explore the Red Fort and meet some giddy kids.

Agra- The Taj isn’t the only site here…you can’t forget its child the “Baby Taj.”

Jaipur-Home to my favorite site and destination to a beautiful hike, the Amber Fort. (The monkeys like it too!)

Goa- Sun hits the water and sizzles in the evening as I jog on the beach.

2 thoughts on “India Photos

  1. What a rafting adventure! I could vision you popping over the edge of the raft with arms & legs flying and squeeling the entire plunge! Have fun but be safe. Love & Hugs, Mom

  2. Hello Erin
    I think the pics a re really great I really like the fabrics they let you try on. but red dot and all you still look German to me just beautiful. Stay safe love and prayers.

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