Tokyo Madness

Tokyo was the first city I visited in Asia and is making the other places look tame in comparison. With its sleek stainless steele trains, designer suit clad business people and elecronic gadgets, it’s quite the place. Prim and proper in some aspects and funky to the extreme in other regards, Tokyo was facinating.  Here are some examples of the extremes:

-During rush hour, hundreds of people pack themselves and their designer bags into trains, but there is NO sound. You could hear a pin drop if need be. No cell phones, no talking, no chewing, no humming. Maybe it’s because they are all sleeping- something 75% of the train riders practice on a daily basis. The subways even play a different jingle when the train arrives at their station, in hopes it will wake people up when they hear their stop’s song.

-Fashion is over-the-top! If you ever want to try a new style, Tokyo is the city to practice. Most women had knee high boots or leg warmers and many young men had dyed hair. From mullets to stilletos, the young men and women alike are always dressed to impress.

-Hugging in public is apparently a no-go, since I got reprimanded by a police officer for this. Reprimanded= waving his arms frantically and rushing me like a bull headed of for a clown. It seems a bit ironic because men read pornagraphic materials on the subway but people aren’t “allowed” to embrace others. Oh well. When in Rome, do as the Romans do I guess.

I have had a few problems posting pics from my camera, so once I get everything up and working again, I can share Japan pics! Stay tuned…

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