Fraser Island Sun peeks out for Team "D'ats Right!"


Above: On Fraser Island, Lake McKenzie’s sand is so fine it can polish jewelry!

The east coast tour of Australia, was amazing between the clouds and showers.

After being delayed an extra day in Hervey Bay, the 4×4 adventure to Fraser Island took off with major energy provided by 9 foreign backpackers, who’d been cooped up too long. Our group (D. or better known as ” D’ats Right! “) was chosen randomly by the staff at Koala Bay Backpacker’s Resort and boasted the finest from around the globe. (Beware Group D., once I find my camera attachment, there will be some cheesy individual pics of all of you posted near the profile of you!)


Louise: Our new friend Louise is a hairdresser at a “posh” salon in England. I loved talking girl talk with her on the beach and discussing that rare species- men. With Louise in the car, it was always chipper.

Natalie: Natalie works in “physio” for a men’s rugby team and knows all the stats on health, and pretty much everything else. She guided us through the island and always had a good suggestion for the team. She and Louise have been friends since they were small and they kept the group laughing, rain or shine.

Natasha: Tasha, also from England, dealt with meal time so well, considering she’s a vegetarian. Poor girl had to eat pressed, frozen veggies which were supposed to be disguised as a burger, and bread with honey. What a trooper!

Mark: Look out for this guy on the road! One of our 3 fearless drivers, he definitely gave us girls in the back something to squawk about. Ladies, he wants a girl who is about 5’5″, brown hair, curvy. Check him out at Mark, I’d told you I’d spread the news to my friends! And one last thing: Mark, you’re AWESOME! (Spoken with your favorite U.S. accent, of course.)

Kate: Whose name is actually, 張 小狗 is from Taiwan. She called herself Kate so we wouldn’t have to struggle with the pronunciation. Good idea, but that still didn’t stop Mark from slaughtering everyone’s name even til the end of the trip. Mark, there was no Alissa or Chrystal in our group! 🙂

Lena: From Sweden, Lena was up for whatever the group wanted to do. And she always pitched in with everything whether it was dishes, shoveling the 4×4 out of the sand, or holding the umbrella over me when I cooked. Thanks, girl!

Anna: This chick could drive that 4×4 better than any of the men! Don’t be fooled by her typical Swedish girl looks, she can rough it with the boys. Thanks for getting us to the ferry safely, Anna.

Jason: Last but not least, Jason, from the US, and also my boyfriend, drove most of the time and was best known for his potato bake…good even with a bit of sandy grit. Hey, we were on the biggest sand island in the world, what do you expect?!



Above: Fraser Island’s Lake Wobby boasts dunes, fresh water, a view of the ocean and a rain forest enclosure. What more can you want?


Above: Lena holds the umbrella as I cooked our 1st dinner in rain showers


Above: Team D’s 1st stop around the island: Lake Birabeen. From left to right- Natasha, Jason, Erin, Anna, Louise, Lena, Kate, Mark and Natalie


Above: Another group shot at Indian Head on our sunny 2nd day.


Above: Dingos can be seen around the island and look like wild dogs. They love campers’ food and come out around dusk. 

One thought on “Fraser Island Sun peeks out for Team "D'ats Right!"

  1. Mom

    The beaches and new friends look AWESOME and you look even better! Can’t wait to see you in person…15 days and counting down!
    Love & Hugs, Mom

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