Foreign Friends Found

We arrived in Byron Bay yesterday morning and already have met the greatest group of people/ couples. Most are from England and some are from Germany and the Netherlands. We are hoping to travel up the coast with them and participate in some of our adventures together.

For Australia Day we had a big BBQ on the beach with music and lots of laughing at the international games everyone brought to the table.

Other than that we are enjoying Byron Bay, minus the shark sighting that took all of us out of the water. I guess it was a reef shark but it’s ok because we just played football on the beach.

 Next we are going to meet up with Sarah Holtom’s family in Brisbane. They seem so cool, already telling us how to get into the house and “help ourselves to a cold drink by the pool!”

4 thoughts on “Foreign Friends Found

  1. Tara

    Hi Erin,

    So glad you guys seem to be having a blast! Thinking about ya and missing you here in San Francisco. Much love, Tara

  2. Hi darlin
    Like your mom I’m not suprised about the friends, This sounds great to me. I just love the calendar and I show it to everyone. It is a real treasure, and it does give me an idea of where you are to be next. But the e-mail is the most exciting. Thank you so much for keeping us up on everything or at least most everything. Be safe- you are as always in our prayers.
    Love ya gram

  3. Auntie Cheryl

    Hi Sweetie, I just got caught up on the trip report and your pictures. Wow, looks very cool and oh so much fun. I can’t wait to see picts from the 4×4 and canoe trips. Try not to have too many bikini shots, Uncle Randy’s heart won’t be able to handle it!

    So are you still going to Japan next or Thailand? Boo sure makes Thailand sound cheap, aka just right for a fixed budget. 🙂

    We love and miss you – be safe, be happy but most of all have the “time of your life”!

    Piggy Face
    PS> Thanks for the calendar – it puts me right into “daydream” mode….

  4. Debby

    Why am I not surprised? From the day you sang, “What Makes a Friend Be a Friend Like You” in the local talent show, it was obvious you know how to make ’em and keep ’em! Please, invite your newest friends back to Ann Arbor so your family may reciprocate their hospitality.
    Love, “Mum”

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