After quite the scare at the airport, we arrived in Sydney yesterday around 10:30 am.

(For those curious, SCARE= being asked for our visa when we did not have them. We read you could get a visa on site, not knowing it meant in the departing airport rather than the arriving one, so we were almost late for the plane. From now on we are researching which countries we need a visa for waaaay in advance. Luckily, they granted us a visa on the spot, quickly,  for $30 and we were free to roam about the country for a month!)

 After some torrential rainfall, we have decided to take the day to switch up some things about our around-the-world ticket and investigate the visa situations. We couldn’t apply for all of them at once before we left because some of them need to be only 30 days old when you enter the country.

As far as the around-the-world ticket goes, we are hoping to make it to Thailand sooner than we had originally planned, after hearing my brothers stories of “cheapness.” It is very hard to budget in New Zealand and Australia with the exchange rate being almost parallel to the U.S. dollar. In fact, to make matters worse, the guy at the bank told me this morning that not long ago, he was divvying out twice as much Australian money for the U.S. dollar.  Now we are neck and neck with the Aussies, which doesn’t make it that much of a difference for food and lodging costs as in the States. Time to go to Thailand!

 Despite the rain, we saw the Sydney Opera House, where locals are wining and dining, and the Botanical Gardens, where LARGE bats hang from the trees and squeak and squeal all day! It’s a pretty scary site. I will NOT be visiting the botanical gardens at night because these things are not fruit bats…they are huge! Think “The Count” on Sesame Street, with all of his bats swooping all over.

Once the weather clears, I’ll take some photos!

3 thoughts on “Sydney

  1. matteo

    if you are worried about rate exchange do not even think about how many euros you may get with 100$!!!!
    enjoy as much as you can these wonderful places where I hope to go soon…

  2. Catherine

    You are so amazing, but what is this talk of being in Thailand sooner?! I found a ticket that I almost bought the other day and am 100% committed to meeting you so my dear please keep me pdated as to your arrival in Thailand. I was looking into flying into Phuket with a day layover in Hong Kong (why not, right?) around the 13th of March, if it needs to be sooner well then hell, I’ll make it sooner! I hope you are having the time of your life and I can’t wait to hear more about it! Love you!!! Say hi to Jason…



  3. Katie Meyer

    I would absolutely be running out of that place zig zagging if a bat came anywhere near me!!!! LOL!!! SQUEEEEAAAAAAK!!

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