What I Will Do With My Free Time

A surefire way to get pumped on traveling is to make a list of everything you will do with your free time (besides work!)  Here’s my list:

    1. Travel (with anyone who’s down)
    2. Mountain Bike (with Damien)
    3. Ski (with Damien and Piro)
    4. Play with Erin (anything and everything)
    5. Surf (Schneids got up on her first time!)
    6. Golf (with the fellas from PSFG or TwinCap)

  1. Kickbox (with Piro)
  2. Frisbee (with Derrick)
  3. Tennis (so I can give my dad some competition, thanks for the practice Piro)
  4. Road Bike (yes, in spandex)
  5. Play Guitar (with Kyle)
  6. Learn other instruments (harmonica, in honor of my late grandfather and Beef, the meanest harp player I’ve ever met)
  7. Racquetball (with D)
  8. Read
  9. Hike
  10. Rock Climb (as long as we don’t forget the harness)
  11. Run (real fast with Schneids)
  12. Swim
  13. Man Stuff
  14. Language Studies (Spanish first, then German so I can talk to Erin)
  15. Lie in the Park
  16. Photography
  17. Walk
  18. Triathlon’s
  19. Volunteer Work
  20. Go back to school
  21. Write
  22. Go to the beach
  23. Cook
  24. Eat
  25. Plant and tend to a garden
  26. Have a family
  27. Raise the family
  28. Watch Sports (Eagles!)
  29. Hang out with friends
  30. Go to a bar
  31. Listen to music
  32. Go to a concert
  33. Visit the Library
  34. Take naps
  35. Train for a marathon
  36. Train for an Ironman
  37. Go to museums
  38. Frisbee
  39. Frisbee Golf
  40. Golf
  41. Make Wine
  42. Drink Wine (with Mary or with my Mom and Dennis, solving the world’s problems glass by glass, or should I say bottle by bottle?)
  43. Drive
  44. Make Beer
  45. Drink Beer (with Ryan)
  46. Throw Parties
  47. Paint
  48. Make a mosaic piece of art
  49. Fix up a house
  50. Chill with my brothers
  51. Light a fire
  52. Go to a sporting event

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